Responsive participation, ownership and sustainable development; safeguarding ecological and social standards, founded in international best practices and continuous consultative considerations of lessons learnt.

I DELIVER – International cooperation with partners and donors, project management. Result-Oriented monitoring (logical framework approach) and environmental and social safeguards assessment. Skills in participatory natural resource management and strengthening drought resilience in drylands.
Tactful dialogue and feedback towards advancing team-, partnership- and trust building. Systematic consultative processes to identify needs, concerns and practicable, feasible and cost-effective solutions.

I PROVIDE – Practical longterm professional experience in project cycle management (planning, appraisal, financing, implementation, evaluation) delivering projects in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, multilateral agencies and departments, multi-/bilateral organisations and governmental/governing bodies, civil society and private sector actors.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE – German Ministry for International Cooperation, German Technical and Financial Aid (GIZ, KfW), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), German non-governmental organisations (eg German Agro Action) as well as German Consulting Companies.

Ten years work experience from Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mali, Chad), Latin America (Brazil, Venezuela) including post-conflict States and countries in transition.

TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: International Cooperation and Development | Project Implementation | Environmental and Social Impact Assessments | Natural Resource Management | Gender Equality Promotion | Organisational development.